Nicole's Wedding

(featuring Rui)

On September 21, 2023, we had the pleasure to shoot Nicole and Rui’s wedding - which we believe to have been the most Epic wedding ever at Quinta da Bichinha in Alenquer (Portugal)!

From the moment Rui and Nicole contacted us, we knew that the word “Party” would be the theme of their day. On a day marked by several details, I would like to share some of the secrets here for organizing a wedding as epic as theirs (or close to it)! We didn't know how literally the sign at the entrance of the ceremony saying "Nicole's wedding featuring Rui" would be taken, but in the end all became part of what was surely an unforgettable day for everyone!

Nicole and Rui live in England, so they had to plan everything from a distance. Quinta da Bichinha ended up being the place they both loved and agreed to celebrate their big day, it manages to combine a lovely unique landscape, with tranquility like no other.

Another important factor was the availability that the venue did offer regarding accommodation for some relatives and friends from abroad at the place itself, who were welcomed with a friendly barbecue the day before the wedding. Now that the stage is set, we can move on full steam to the best part: the wedding!

On the morning of the 21st, Nicole, her sisters and close friends got ready with the help of the makeup artists from Makeup Room Lisboa - a remarkable work, making our Nicole even more stunning. On the Groom side… While getting ready in a wood cabin, several funny and cheeky toasts warmed up the atmosphere on early hours - Rui did offer to each friend a personalized hip flask! Good vibe and spirits were never lacking in both places, and they were undoubtedly well-prepared and warmed up for their magnificent ceremony!

At the ceremony location, it’s immediately evident the floral arrangements made by Quinta da Bichinha in shades of pink and red, also present in the dining hall. The groom and some friends delivered beer to all guests while they waited for the bride! And so the civil ceremony started. Conducted in both English and Portuguese, rings exchanged, the bride and groom made their epic exit. Oh wait… no, there is something missing! Where are the vows? The happy birds were so focused on their loved ones that they did forget their own vows somewhere else… so they quickly got out, and return to do what we believe to be the one of the most creative and alternative vows in history. Rui made his vows in English and Nicole in Portuguese, in a surprising effort, making this moment very fun and emotional for everyone present!

And so the party officially began! At the cocktail entrance, we had a wood stand entirely built by the groom, saying "take a shot, we tied the knot!", inviting all guests to drink a shot with the couple! It is worth mentioning that much of the design of this day was done by the couple's friends: from the invitations to the Champagne flutes. The cocktail was extremely high spirited , with the presence of the talented saxophonist Ricardo Branco, always keeping a superb atmosphere, indispensable to keep the guests entertained and fun until dinner!

Taking advantage of sunset, and by request of Nicole and Rui, we went to take some photos by the well-known Quinta da Bichinha’s lake. Excitement could be the right word to define their vibe at this point in the day! Up until now, we all thought "they drank like sailors, but stood firmly strong as a castle", still managing to dance firmly on the deck over the lake - although their ability to use the swing was less well refined (we may say)!

Dinner time! The Elite team greatly took over the rest of the party, keeping all the guests entertained until the end of the night. There were plenty more of Toasts and emotional speeches from the closest relatives and friends of the couple. And it was after the soup time, that according to the words of our Nicole we can say "I thought that the Portuguese could handle their drink". But he didn’t…

And thus, we ended up witnessing an epic and unprecedented ending to a wedding day - with the emotional first dance of Nicole and her father to open the dance floor. 

After that the father, yes… HE was the one who did cut the cake with Nicole! We could read on the top of the cake, "game over" and above there were some led letters saying "drunk in love", which we could never imagine that could fit so well into this whole epic day and with this surprising ending for everyone. 

And so party... is party! as the saying tells "If life gives you lemons, Add VODKA". The final records of this wedding do show a cheered up and colorful dance floor, thanks also to the incredible lighting effects, and the light sticks distributed to all guests! The story ends here, a day that surely none of us will ever forget, but our Rui will possibly remember little of!